Playing the Beginner Guitar Lessons

online electric guitar lessons

Guitartricks is one of the best sites for learning guitar online.  It has thousands of video guitar tutorials, guitar forums, chord and scale charts, and other cool features to help you learn to play guitar fast.

Sure, you can find free guitar lessons on youtube or find guitar tabs on, but if you are really serious about becoming a better guitar player you need to have guitar instruction that progresses in a logical, orderly fashion. Guitar Tricks has exactly that with their patented Core Learning System.

Guitartricks vs Jamplay, Which is Better?

Another site in the online guitar lesson space, and is one that is definitely worth checking out is  Jamplay also has high quality lessons.  One notable difference is that Guitartricks’ lessons seem to include more popular songs.  One other difference between Jamplay and Guitartricks is that Guitar tricks allows you to try out their lessons for free before you buy.

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